Hair Regrowth vs Hair Thickening, Hair is an important part of the personality of women as well as of men. They add to the youthfulness and beauty of women and the virility of men. Additionally, they protect from the UV rays and act as a source of heat insulation and cooling. Hair is the point of pride and beauty, not just for the fairytales characters. We, the common folks, can achieve it too.

Nowadays, there is a technology for every dermatological problem, but still, there are some other means by which we can beautify hair. For hair regrowth, there is hair transplant surgery and some natural remedies. Other than this, there is another option of medicated products that can give a healthy look to the hair.

What is The Thickening of Hair and Regrowth of Hair?

To restore the full hair and reverse the effects of hair loss, there are two options one can go for. It depends on the condition of hair loss as well as your resources. Firstly, you can use the hair thickening solutions and shampoos to recover the bald areas of the head. It does not eradicate baldness, but it covers the empty areas with the hair. The second option is the regrowth of the hair on bald areas with different techniques and remedies.

In hair thickening, we use different products and solutions on hair to strengthen the hair strands. The application of these products also increases hair thickness. There are different shampoos and oils for this. However, their proper use depends upon the texture of the skin. Likewise, dying hair into any darker shade also gives the thick natural appearance to the hair. The sulfate-containing shampoos are best recommended for hair thickening.


In contrast to hair thickening methods, some techniques involve the regrowth of hair on the empty scalp. There are many medicines which people can use without any worry.


Products like Rogaine and Propecia are generally prescribed for the regrowth of the hair as well as for the thickening of hair.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

One of the widely used methods for increasing hair growth and hair numbers is hair transplant surgery. It involves removing the hair follicles from any other part of the body and transplanting them on the affected area. However, it involves a lot of patience and pain. Basically, there are two ways of transplantation i.e. FUE and DHI. They are the best options since they leave no scars after surgery and heal quickly. Whether it’s hair thickening or hair regrowth, hair transplant is the best option.

Nowadays, it’s the easiest way of getting your natural and permanent hair back. It has become affordable too, due to wide usage and advanced technology. Hair transplant is always the answer for permanent and thick hair.


If there are no signs of hair loss and only hair thinness is the only problem, then hair thickening is a good option. It also saves from the side effects of hair transplant surgeries and heavy antibiotics. If there is excessive hair falling and baldness, then hair regrowth techniques are the ways that can help us better than other options.