Hair Loss: Unpicking the Truths from Myths, Humans tend to develop myths about the nature of things. And hair fall is one of such matters. We can say that people have devised many myths about hair fall. Not all the “facts” apply to everyone, so they become myths for others. Therefore, this is how myths develop.

Hair Loss: Unpicking the Truths from Myths

For instance, people will tell you four to five reasons for your hair fall. Don’t listen to them. In the first place, is that they know nothing about your genetics. Moreover, they can’t pinpoint the exact reason for your hair fall.

Myths about Hair Fall

Myths are hard to unlearn in people’s head. But we still struggle to make it happen through this article. The myths are what people say. As long as they know bits about the issue, they will blabber about it. Then, we listen to them, and we act. That puts us in much danger, also our hair too.

· Shampoo weakens the hair.

Of course, shampoos contain certain chemicals. But they have a medical backup. Nothing in shampoo renders the hair to fall. Shampoo cleanses your hair. This cleaning takes out any unrequired dirt and oil. Comparatively, dirty hair tends to cause hair loss just as likely. This is because external objects like dirt weaken the hair.

· Mother has the genes controlling hair loss.

Most people believe that hair loss is due to the mother’s genes. Why mother? Well, these are some old myths running down. Back then, science was not as advanced. Hence, there was no platform to unpick such myths. However, nowadays, everything is well researched. The science has given proof that genes of both mother and father can be prone to hair fall.

· We all will be bald by fifty.

It goes without saying that we will start losing hair. And by the time we are fifty, we will be bald. We expect it as we age. But the truth is that we can face this at an early age as well. Sometimes the pattern baldness in men appears when they are still thirty-five. Furthermore, hair loss can occur in teenagers as well. About 85% of men start having hair loss at age fifty.

· Sun renders hair loss.

Sun is a friend to our skin. Although it is true: too much of anything good is a not friend. But this is one of the myths. Sun does not cause your hair to fall. However, too much of it might dry your hair.

· Hair products are dangerous.

Generally, hair products are notorious for causing hair loss. Gels, hair sprays, and other products are ever-present in our daily lives. These products somehow cause damage, but they do not render hair loss.

· Hats cause hair loss. (Seriously?)

Wearing a hat for a longer time makes your hair hurt. This is only because the hair stays in one direction for a longer duration. That causes pain as well. However, it is nothing related to hair loss.