Hair Loss Research: The Future of The Hair Loss Cure, Various pharmaceutical companies are working to fix balding. This is because 7 out of 10 men and 4 out of 10 ladies experience the ill effects of androgenic alopecia (hereditarily caused male pattern baldness) during their lifetime. Obviously, a permanent cure can be a relief for the gigantic populace.

The Research for Hair Loss is Ongoing and How Close are We? 

Finding a permanent cure for balding is an exciting scientific study in the field of healthcare. It is not far that baldness will be fixed soon. In the year 2020, exciting discoveries are in process to treat baldness permanently.

Following are described upcoming mass-market solutions to treat hair loss and baldness. Surprisingly, the most searched phrase on google for this year is “hair loss permanent cures in 2020”.

These new cures look encouraging, however, will they truly be a fix or simply one more Propecia? Let’s look at the positives and negatives of each upcoming treatment.

Hair Loss Research: The Future of The Hair Loss Cure


Two clinical trials are in the run to roof histogen as effective in treating hair loss. During the trial, histogen was helpful in improving terminal hair count and hair thickness only in 12 weeks’ time. Further studies are ongoing which demonstrate that histogen will stimulate the dormant hair follicle to produce new hair.

Shiseido (RepliCel)

RepliCel is a type of cell treatment called RCH-01. The company is teaming up with worldwide cosmetic organization Shiseido. They will form injectables like Histogen or Botox, for instance. The organizations collaborate to formulate a map and gene expression studies that will further improve their cell treatments, for example, development of hair growth products.


Follica is building up a wounding gadget that when combined with hair supplements like minoxidil will progressively activate new hair development. They like to call this wounding procedure ‘skin disruption’.   In this treatment, the skin that receives injury moves upward to that zone to fix it and in hair scalp promote hair growth. This is a very easy to go procedure.


While not a solution for baldness, this will clear up the minds and will provide direction to the treatment processes. DNA-testing is simply beginning to be financially accessible, and by 2020 you’ll have the option to depend on the probability that it will be considerably more progressed and reasonable.

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt at an early age, whether somebody is at a probability of losing their hair will have a colossal effect. This will enable that person to have the option to plan, spending money, and research their choices before their hair even starts falling. Mostly, the hair loss is due to genetic inheritance. These genes are responsible for early hair loss, loss of hair pigment or baldness. All of these are easy to avoid before time. This is only possible by testing the DNA of the person. This will tell whether he will have any of the above problems. Hence, solved in time before the problem arises.

Hair Transplant: Always the Trending Solution

Regardless of the year, having a hair transplant is always the best solution for hair loss. Today, contemporary methods like FUE and DHI will provide you with a permanent result. In this sense, you can get in touch with us for our services and prices for hair transplant operations.