Had Hair Transplant? People thinks methods and techniques are not yet well developed.

This is completely wrong. For the first time in medical practice, the technique of hair transplant has been used since the late 1950s. Since then, several million such surgeries have been performed worldwide for patients suffering from hair loss. The technique itself has been significantly improved since the mid-1980s and now allows it to achieve the best possible results.

Wrong IDEA; Grafted Hair Will Never Look Like Your Own Hair

If hair transplant was done by an experienced qualified physician and an outpatient team, you will get natural looking hair.

In fact, several decades ago a technique was used to transplant large grafts (10-15 follicles) and the end result after surgery did not look good. Modern doctors transplant small grafts containing 1-4 follicles using the fue technique. Thanks to this method, the result is natural.

Who had hair transplant; there are some tips for you!

After Hair Transplant

  • The first night after the operation, you may hiss a slight redness or discomfort in the head area and may last for a few weeks, but you can use anti-inflammatories to reduce the redness.
  • You may hiss a slight pain that will go away with the painkiller.
  • Scales may appear in the head area and continue for a short time until the skin heals completely.
  • Numbness of the donor and treated may hiss and last for several months but is not painful.
  • Some people notice mild swelling, but these disappear within a maximum of two weeks.

Post-Hair Transplant Tips

After the procedure, you should keep your hair dry for about a week, after which it can be washed gently without rubbing too hard. Since your skin is more sensitive, do not expose your head to the sun in the first week after the operation.