Get hair transplant turkey reviews shows, roots are fixed immediately after the plantation operations in Turkey.

Third Day After The Operation

You should start washing your hair three days after the procedure, your doctor will explain the proper way to wash your hair, the shampoo and conditioner you can use for 15 days after the operation. Washing the hair will help remove the flakes. Lets, Get hair transplant turkey reviews month by month.

5 – 7 Days After The Operation

Implanted grafts get stronger and do not fall off when touched, but you should avoid scratching your scalp.
4-5 days after the operation, the transplanted hair will begin to shed and this will continue for two to three months, then new hair will begin to grow again.

15 – 30 Days After The Operation

In two to three weeks, your appearance will start to improve and the effects of the process will disappear from redness or swelling and return to a natural appearance, so no one will know that you have had a hair transplant.

1-3 Months After The Operation

During this period, you experience the shock of losing the transplanted hair, then new hair starts to grow again.

4-6 Months After The Operation

At this stage, the rate of hair growth will increase and within six months you will see half of the result and start noticing some changes.

6 – 12 Months After The Operation

The transplanted hair will continue to grow and thicken.

After The Operation 12-18. Months

You will see the result of the hair transplantation process and you will have natural looking thick and long hair.
The result of the operation occurs in a period varying between 12-15 months in the anterior region and a period varying between 12-18 months in the crown area.