Famous Hair Transplant Doctors? Hair Transplantation is one of the optional therapeutic plastic surgeries (Elective Surgery) that requires the person who undergoes this operation to master the 3-step procedure and the surgeon to do this better examine the other 3 steps. Famous hair transplant doctors all do these.

Three steps for a person going through this surgery include:

To review an experienced specialist, to be sure of the need for hair transplant as a solution to the baldness problem of the person and to evaluate the suitability of his condition for that surgery.

Knowing the simplified aspects of the techniques currently available for hair transplantation, the pros and cons of each, and the doctor’s discussion on the best treatment for baldness, and the steps of this process and the pattern of hair growth distribution expected from it.

Understand what is required of him regarding self-care, scalp and hair before and after surgery. And to know the expectations for the days and months after this operation.

The three steps for the surgeon to perform this operation include:

  • Mastering patient preparation steps, preoperative scalp preparation and postoperative care steps.
  • To master the steps of taking hair follicles and to keep them in a position to accept hair growth after transplantation.
  • To master the steps of repositioning the bald areas of the scalp.

Baldness Surgeries

It is worth mentioning that hair transplant is one of the types of surgery performed to deal with baldness. Each of these types of surgery can be used alone or in combination to provide the patient with the best possible result to provide hair on the scalp area:

Flap Surgery; By moving the scalp tissues and bringing them closer to the balding areas of the scalp.

Scalp Tissue Expansion Surgery; Enlarging the hair-bearing area of ​​the scalp with the balloon technique and helping to cover non-scalp areas.

Scalp Reduction Surgery; By removing bald areas on the scalp and bringing the hairy areas closer to the scalp.