Famous Hair Transplant Doctors? Christian Lindner’s hair transplant drew great media attention. He was the first politician to have a hair transplant. This makes him good friends with other celebrities. Who doesn’t know about Silvio Berlusconi’s new head of hair? Or have you heard of Prince Harry’s hair transplant? Boris Johnson also thickened again.

Hair loss does not end in football players and coaches either. Liverpool’s star coach Jürgen Klopp filled the receding hairline with hair follicles. Former national player Christoph Metzelder did not want to bear his bald head and had a hair transplant. After wearing a hat for a few weeks, she managed to look young and vibrant again.

Wayne Rooney’s first surgery was successful, but the hair loss continued. Two years later, the British international had to undertake a second operation. The new confidence made him even more successful as a footballer.

Other celebrities who have hair transplants include singer Robbie Williams, Elton John, and actors John Travolta and Jude Law.
Rocco Stark also had a hair transplant to show thick hair again on the red carpet.

What Do Celebrities Say About Surgery?

Most of the VIPs are very satisfied with the hair transplantation, famous hair transplant doctors and recommend the clinics to others. When it comes to treatment, celebrities have no spare costs to achieve professional and natural results. However, does a professional hair transplant have to be expensive?

Christoph Lindner was still using the old FUT method. This means there is a strip-shaped scar on the back of the head. Apparently, Christoph Metzelder’s hair transplant was not entirely satisfactory. The footballer was in pain during the procedure but ultimately were quite satisfied with the final result. As a result, the result looks partially unnatural.