Elton John Hair Transplant; John Elton, one of the first celebrities to have a hair transplant, started to lose his hair at an early age. When you look at the old photos, you will see that the hairline goes backwards. Then in the mid-1980s her hairline started to get rich.

She had a hair transplant in the 70s, but her hair quickly left her due to alcohol consumption. Then he tried again and succeeded. The reason he quit alcohol was big in this.

But he denied it was because of alcohol. He said that he lost his hair because he dyed his hair yellow and pink.

Why did John Elton’s hair fall out?

One of the main causes of male pattern baldness. This is a genetic factor. It occurs in some men after their 20s. Hair decreases on the forehead or top of the hair and the scalp becomes visible. The solution to such a hair loss is only hair transplantation.

You can use hair care drugs, serums, shampoos, but you only reduce the rate of hair loss. Hair continues to fall out. Hair should grow out to get rid of baldness.

Hair can grow 12 times from a root and that point closes after the 12th hair loss. You have no other choice but hair transplant.

The result of hair transplant costs ranging from 2 thousand to 50 thousand dollars will be the same. Of course you need a good clinic and doctor.

We do not know where John Elton hair transplant had, but since it is done with very old methods, he must have continued the hair transplantation process frequently. In the current methods, you can achieve permanent results after a maximum of two operations. Your hair is not taken from outside, it is produced from your own hair follicles. For this reason, the hair falls out in its normal flow and grows again.