Does Hair Transplantation Help Get Rid of Grey Hair? As a person ages, the hair starts turning grey. This is a common sign of ageing. However, the hair can also turn grey during the teenage years. This is due to genetic reasons. Nowadays, grey hair can be in fashion. But there are still a few people who find grey hair inappropriate. Transplantation has given hope to the people losing hair. Hence, people with grey hair look into it as well. Often, people inquire about getting rid of grey hair. There are many myths about silent grey hair. There are a few facts you must read to know exactly if hair transplantation helps to get rid of grey hair.

Firstly, you should know the causes of grey hair.

What Causes the Hair to Turn Grey?

The follicles of the hair hold them on our head. They keep the hair rooted inside. However, this is not the only function it performs. The certain cells in the hair follicles perform significant functions. For instance, one of those cells is melanocytes. These are the specialised cells and carry a substance called melanin. This substance is responsible for producing pigments. This gives the hair its colour. Consequently, the fluctuations in melanin cause the hair to turn grey. These fluctuations and all its other functions depend upon our genes. The genes come from our parents. So we can say that grey hair is hereditary.

Besides that, age is another factor that controls its production. With age, the amount of melanin produced decreases or ceases altogether. As a result, the hair turns grey.

Grey Hair: Normal or Abnormal?

With ageing, hair turning grey is quite a normal process. This happens to everyone. There is no abnormality in this process. However, if you face this issue during teenage or before, then you must ponder. Even though this might seem abnormal, the real reason may yet be undiscovered. This is still a mystery as to why melanocytes stop producing melanin.

Age Ratio

Around the age of 40, hair starts to become grey usually. This is the average age in people when hair changes colour. Some people in their early twenties face it too. Moreover, about 35% of people will have their hair turned grey by the age of 35. On the contrary, the other 50% of the population have entirely grey hair at the age of 50.

Grey Hair Is as Healthy as the Pigmented Hair

Usually, people think that grey hair is weaker than pigmented hair. It is a well-repeated myth that the hair turns grey because they get dull due to improper nutrition. It is also a myth that one should not pluck the grey hair. This myth, for a long time, ruled out the idea of grey hair transplantation. But science has disapproved of the idea now. Grey hair is now successfully transplanted.

How to Get Rid of Grey Hair?

Although we know that the grey hair transplantation has helped, there is no refuge from grey hair in this process. The transplantation can’t help you get rid of your original grey colour in your hair. Only the manual hair dyeing can help you here.