Do You Have Too Much Hair Loss in the Shower? Hair loss has become very common nowadays due to environmental factors and our routines. To establish a good hair-care routine is very important. Otherwise, both men and women are equally susceptible to balding or hair thinning. Hair loss further becomes an obstacle in many ways.

If we find a lot of air in the hairbrush or drain after taking a shower, don’t panic. Because it’s quite normal to shed some hair daily. Dermatologists also say that finding clumps in the shower is pretty normal.

Hair Shedding: What’s Normal in Routine?

We have 250,000 hair strands on our head approximately. Some hair follicles break into several strands. Moreover, the average hair fall per day is 70 to 100 strands. But people with shorter and thinner hair experience less hair fall. On the other hand, people having long and thick hair can lose double the average number. Especially while taking a shower, they lose 140 to 200 strands. It’s normal for them. They won’t experience shedding the next day while combing. Those people who take a shower once or twice a week experience hair loss of even more than 200 hair strands. It happens because of all the buildup.

Dermatologists say more hair shedding happens in the shower than while combing the number. Therefore, it’s normal to have hair in the drain. You will also notice that in spite of having so much hair loss in the shower, still, your hair is thick and good.

When to Become Concerned about Hair Loss?

If you always lose hair during the shower, there is no need to stress yourself out. But if you see more and more hair in the drain, then it’s an indication of abnormal hair loss. If you start feeling that your ponytail has become thinner or your scalp is becoming more and more visible, then schedule a checkup with your doctor.

How to Minimise Hair Loss

If you are feeling abnormal hair loss, cut down on washing and conditioning. Take a shower once or twice a week. Use a wide-toothed comb to tame your lock. Otherwise, bristle brush causes breakage of hair follicles. Moreover, it also pulls more hair. Hair loss can be a trauma. For instance, if you are yanking a brush through it or wearing a tight ponytail, these conditions may start pulling out your hair from the forehead. If it’s possible, do not touch your hair too much. Furthermore, avoid using rubber hair ties.

Too much hairstyling is always a bad option for hair growth. Because heat damages the hair in an unrepairable way, try to reduce blow-drying, curling, and straightening your hair. But if it’s necessary, then use a thermal spray to coat the fibres and protect your hair from the heat.

Changing Hair Habits

Hair shedding is a normal process. It moves in a cycle. On the other hand, hair loss stops hair growth and has chronic results. If you are having trouble like mentioned above things and it’s alarming, contact a doctor immediately. Hair loss can occur due to stress, pregnancy, illness, weight loss, or due to medication. These problems are not permanent, and a doctor can help you to get over these or otherwise propose a different solution.