Do Alternative Remedies Cure Baldness? Hair development relies on a few basic elements, that includes hereditary material as well. However, there are some home remedies that may support hair growth.

Do Alternative Remedies Cure Baldness?

Regardless of whether an individual is attempting to forestall baldness or support more hair development, considering hints on a diet can assist them with accomplishing their objective. If hair thinning is because of medical conditions, consult a hair specialist.

Some tips below may help in hair development:

1. Eating More Proteins

Eating high-protein nutrients, for example, nuts can enable the body to develop new hair. The body needs protein to develop new hair. Balding can be because of a protein lack. Dietary protein sources include beans, eggs, fish, nuts, red meat, lentils.

An individual’s everyday protein intake depends on physical activities and body muscle mass.

2. Iron Intake

Iron is another essential nutrient in promoting hair growth. Some dietary rich in iron sources include clams, lentils, oysters, pumpkin seeds, spinach, white beans, lean beef, turkey

Many manufacturers add iron to their food to make it rich in iron. Vegetarians are 1.8% deficient than non-veggies because the body does not absorb iron from vegetables as readily.

3. Go for Aromatherapy

According to 2011 research aromatherapy is one of the most efficient ways of stimulating hair growth.

Cedarwood, lavender, rosemary, thyme, tulsi are few herbs aromatherapy practitioners use to treat hair loss. Extract oil from these herbs and add other oil such as coconut oil or walnut oil to avoid any sensitivity. Also, inhaling the scent of these herbs may promote hair growth.

4. Massage the scalp

Scalp massage is the best way to stimulate blood flow, increasing hair growth.

A study by Japanese experts conducted for 6 months stated, “men who massage their hair for at least 4 min a day will have thicker hair than those who don’t.”

5. Use of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Using pumpkin seed will increase hair growth. Taking pumpkin seed oil may increase hair growth.

According to a study conducted by researchers in 2014, men took 400 milligrams (mg) of pumpkin seed oil for 6 months and experienced a 40 per cent increase. While that were not taking pumpkin seeds only experienced a 10 per cent increase.

When to see a specialist

Male pattern baldness isn’t really a condition that influences an individual’s general wellbeing; however, it can enormously affect their psychological prosperity and confidence. An individual should see their specialist if they counter male pattern baldness. Particularly, when individuals are taking supplements, undergoing dietary changes and are losing hair. A specialist may prescribe seeing a dermatologist, who can direct extra testing if important to decide proper medications.


A few parts of hair development, for example, hereditary materials, are out of an individual’s control. However, a healthy diet, proper medication and staying hydrated improve hair thinning. Utilizing some home remedies and taking great consideration of the hair may help improve thickness and development. In case of hair fall does not stop and keeps falling immediately consult our specialists.

Briefly, hair transplant is the best solution for your hair loss problem. Today, millions of patients get rid of their baldness with simple operations. Therefore, we recommend you to consider to have one.