Do Actors Get Hair Transplants So, if you were wondering if John Travolta or Nicolas Cage did a hair transplant, or you are just wondering who did, take a look at the facts we have collected: who definitely did the hair transplant, and about whom even we cannot say for sure …Lets look do actors get hair transplants;

John Travolta

Hollywood legend John Travolta is often spotted with false hair, and it’s no secret that his hair falls out. But did he do a hair transplant? We can’t say for sure, since he never admitted it publicly, but we definitely think so. We don’t care anyway, we know he looks great for his age.

Nicolas Cage

Another respected Hollywood actor, and another hair mystery. It is rumored that Nicolas Cage may have had a hair transplant sometime in 2011, but we don’t know for sure. The professional eye can see certain changes in density, but the actor’s hairline hasn’t changed significantly. You can get healthy and strong hair with FUE hair transplant, but we are not sure if Nicolas Cage did it.

Mel Gibson

The hairline of movie star and Hollywood legend Mel Gibson has long been the subject of controversy and rumor. Various hair transplant specialists have expressed their opinions regarding Gibson’s hairline, and they all agreed that this famous hairline could be improved surgically.

But as with other celebrities who neither confirm nor deny hair transplant rumors, it seems like we will never know for sure. But we’re pretty sure he has great hair for a man of his age.

Rafael Nadal

Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal had a hair transplant in 2016 when he was 30. Rafael’s hair has been the subject of ridicule in the tennis circle for a while. British tennis player Andy Murray even tweeted that he did not know which of them would go hairless faster.

Rafael underwent FUE hair transplant surgery – the same method as the other sports star Wayne Rooney. We use the same method in our clinic.