Celebrity with hair transplant is shining as a star. But they cost almost 30.000 sterling. You don’t need to pay that much. But just fast look which celebrity has operation.

John Travolta

He is someone who keeps his life secret, but when you compare his old and new images, it is understood that he had a hair transplant.

Mel Gibson

As his career fell, his hair left his and continued to shine with his transplant.


The 58-year-old soloist had a hair transplant and remained young.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn, another 58-year-old celebrity, is trying to stay young by having a hair transplant.

Jeremy Piven

The 53-year-old actress began to bald at an early age, but became the technology savior.

Billy Bob Thornton

There is no one who does not remember when he was bald. Now he can show off with his hair.

Jude Law

His hair suddenly became thicker and rumors grew that he had a hair transplant.

David Beckham

It was just what he needed to stay handsome. and now he has thick hair.

Cost of Hair Transplant

If you are planning to have a hair transplant surgery soon, you should consider all the cost list items below in order to make an accurate comparison and to be prepared for the costs of the operation and not to be surprised by any additional costs:

  • The cost of the process itself.
  • Surgeon fee to perform the surgery (In some centers, the surgery fee can be combined with the surgery fee.)
  • Anesthesia fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee.
  • Cost of initial and pre-operative medical examinations.
  • Hospital stay expenses (room reservation fee, hospital clothing and personal care supplies)
  • Postoperative medication and preparations cost (shampoo, soap, etc.)
  • Post-operative consultation and follow-up costs.
  • In case the surgery is performed abroad, flight tickets, accommodation, transportation and meal expenses.