Celebrity Who Transplanted Hair Modern shampoo ads make us think that thick hair is a must-have for male beauty. But how do men feel when they are rapidly losing their hair? Some resort to a zero haircut, while others are not ready to give up so quickly. We at the editorial office of Crown Health Group found out which stars have done their hair transplant; celebrity who transplanted hair;

John Cryer

While Ashton Kutcher looks more bald in school photos than Bruce Willis is now, no doubt Kutcher’s Two and a Half Men co-star John Cryer has misled everyone about his hairstyle for years. On the morning of the Emmy Awards ceremony, 46-year-old Cryer was photographed competing in a triathlon in Malibu with noticeably thinning hair on his head. However, a few hours later, he attended the ceremony with a lush head of hair. These hair tricks were necessary to maintain high ratings in the new season of the series.

Jason Alexander

Cast in the TV series Seinfeld, actor Jason Alexander wore a wig. A few months after the end of filming, the actor was photographed with a bald head. Then another transformation took place with him. Alexander was recently spotted with new, thick hair, but he explained to his fans why such a change occurred. On his Twitter, he wrote that he loves to experiment with hair and asked not to be intimidated if suddenly he was seen with a more luxuriant hair than usual.


U2 member Bono has always had his own style: leather clothes, colored glasses and hair. It is impossible to imagine the image of a musician otherwise.
There is no exact information about Bono’s hair transplant, and professionals cannot agree on this issue. Some argue that the musician underwent a transplant, since in the photo from the concerts he was captured first with thin hair, and then with thick hair. Others believe it is due to hairspray or sweat that is released during performances.