Celebrity who got hair transplant this is not secret; they do not want to say but when you check old and new styles, you will notice the truth! Because only hair transplant make your hair bush. You don’t need to face with hair loss!

Celebrity Who Got Hair Transplant

Silvio Berlusconi

Mr. Silvio Berlusconi in the mid-2000s, the Italian Prime Minister underwent a hair transplant. Silvio Berlusconi failed to hide this fact from journalists. Appearing at an important meeting in a bandana, he himself gave cause for gossip.

Wayne Rooney

Unlike David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney doesn’t really care about his appearance (he is often compared to the cartoon character Shrek). When the 25-year-old striker went bald rapidly, he decided to fight hair loss. Rooney spent £ 30,000 on a hair transplant this summer. Immediately after the operation, he was photographed, and he posted the photo on Twitter. There he also shared his impressions of the work done. This operation inspired the football player to have a very good start in the new season of the English Premier League. But you do not need to pay that much! Crown Health Group Hair transplant is affordable!


Another question mark hangs over U2 member Bono. Bono, with his colored glasses and leather clothes, has always had his own style, and his hair has been an integral part of that style. But the jury disagrees on whether he had a hair transplant or not. Some think Bono definitely did it. While others say that photographs of an Irish rock star on stage with sweat-soaked hair just give the impression that the singer is going bald (the same visual effect can have hair planted in rows, between which the scalp is visible). In other photos, where the singer is not on stage, his hair looks quite thick and healthy.