Celebrity Who Did Hair Transplant? Specialists who perform hair transplants begin with the hair analysis. After the examination, the number of grafts required is determined. The side hair and the hair on the back of the head are examined. After the examinations, the operation will be carried out on the specified dates.

There are many celebrities who can be a good example to you. Celebrity who did hair transplant; many Hollywood stars, many of whom you know.

AJ McLean’s Hair

Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean stands by his procedure to have artificial hair transplanted. The teen star had to struggle with thinning hair and a receding hairline from an early age. Today AJ can look forward to a really full mane.

Elton John’s Hair

This is what music legend Elton John looked like in 1979. The singer’s favorite accessory at the time: a hat. Was he trying to distract from his thinned hair?

Today, hair has not only become longer, but also significantly fuller!

David Beckham’s Hair

At a young age, professional soccer player David Beckham was significantly balder. How his hair increased remains his secret.

Rafael Nadal’s Hair

Has Rafael Nadal also helped up above? The hair of tennis professionals used to look a bit sparse. Today Rafael’s hair is significantly fuller.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Hair

Not only actors and athletes want a full mane – politicians too, like “Bunga Bunga” Silvio Berlusconi. He no longer wanted to put up with his light hair and underwent a hair transplant.

Chris Martin’s Hair

Chris Martin is a British singer, musician and lead singer of a famous band called Coldplay. He recently had a hair transplant in the UK, which he says he did so to be able to perform freely on stage without worrying about lighting fixtures that exaggerate the bald patches on his scalp.