Celebrity Hair Transplants

Elton John Hair Transplant
Elton John Hair Transplant; John Elton, one of the first celebrities to have a hair transplant, started to lose his hair at an early age. When you look at the old photos, you will see that the hairline goes backwards. Then in the mid-1980s her hairline started to get rich.
Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant
Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant; As the hair began to thin, Rambo invested in fixing the situation. His hair looks great today. Sylvester Stallone is a whole world for many people on planet Earth. Only one of his roles in "Rocky" is cult and makes anyone who doubts his path reflect his goals.
Ben Affleck Hair Transplant
Ben Affleck Hair Transplant; As statistics show, bald head sooner or later overtakes 25% of men. And these 25% (as well as their wives, girlfriends and friends) spend a lot of time and energy trying to solve this problem, or at least make it invisible. Healing masks from grated garlic and castor oil, tinctures on red pepper, hair stimulation with the help of a laser, the invention of unprecedented haircuts and even coloring of bald patches are used.
Andros Townsend Hair Transplant
After Andros Townsend hair transplant, he played a lot of matches. In these matches, the operations made on his hair were visible step by step. He had his hairline forward and had filled the gaps on either side of his forehead. We have observed the perfect hairline during the growth phase.
Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant
Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant; Only women don't like to have beautiful hair. More and more prominent creation men are now daring themselves and standing by the furry change that guarantees them a youthful and fresh look. Why not? Not everyone is given a full hair and sometimes Mother Nature can be given some help. More and more athletes are finding that too. Wayne Rooney's hair not only sparked the hair transplant trend but eventually made it socially acceptable.
Tom Hanks Hair Transplant
Tom Hanks Hair Transplant; The American writer, actor, producer always looks stunning, despite his age. At the beginning of his career, Tom was curly. The actress invested a lot of money in operations, removed the receding hairline at the temples and straightened his hair.
Sean Penn Hair Transplant
Sean Penn Hair Transplant; Hair loss has become a huge problem. But it does not cause health problems, it just spoils our appearance. Celebrities are also very affected by hair loss due to alcohol and non-stop work. Sean Penn is one of the celebrities who experienced hair loss. Some time ago, it was noticed that his hair had decreased. But he has to look good all the time on the big screen. Therefore, he found it appropriate to have a hair transplant.
Mel Gibson Hair Transplant
Mel Gibson Hair Transplant; A few years ago, there were rumors that Hollywood star Mel Gibson had a hair transplant. It was claimed that 15 thousand dollars were spent for the transfer. However, recent photos of the paparazzi have shown that the actor's head is himself, even if only remnants of his old head of hair.
Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant
Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant; A few years ago, Matthew McConaughey, who had rather curly hair, noticed that his hair was starting to fall out. According to, the actor, the problem was global, as a silver dollar-sized baldness had formed in a short time. Of course, Matthew started looking for a solution to this problem, because he often starred in McConaughey's melodramas and comedies and didn't look bald on screen.
Kevin Costner Hair Transplant
Kevin Costner Hair Transplant; Thinning and hair loss are the biggest problems for actors. They weaken the image and even lose the general perception of youth. Stay on the background of high muscle tone. The same happened to Kevin. He was aged 10-15 when his hair was lost.
Jude Law Hair Transplant
Hair that gets thinner and thinner, and finally thinning out completely: Many men can sing a song about it. It is comforting to know that celebrities are also struggling with hair loss. Jude Law's hair has often been a topic of conversation in the press. At the Costume Institut Gala, she suddenly appeared with her hair again. Witchcraft? Difficult: Has Jude Law had a hair transplant? At least he wouldn't be the first celebrity.
John Travolta Hair Transplant
John Travolta's hair made him stand out for a long time. Without it, he may have never been in movies like Grease. They shaped his character so much. However, the actress has also been known to suffer from hereditary hair loss for a long time. Hairstyles have gone through a true revolution: everything from rasps to long hair dryers was there. What suits him best? It's a matter of taste. However, it is noteworthy that her forehead has a receding hairline and then not. It can be correctly asked: Has John Travolta had a hair transplant?
Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant
Joey Lawrence hair transplant, which is one of the go-to goons for everyone. Losing too much hair is cruel for someone in mind. Joey Lawrence didn't want to live without hair and had a hair transplant. He had healthy hair when he was young, but that's what he had to live with. Joey Lawrence, who had healthy hair during his young age, started to lose his hair in his 30s.
Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant
Famous in the 1990s, Jamie Foxx began appearing in Hollywood productions thanks to In Living Color. His success created a huge fan base and made him stand out. The recent change in his hair caught people's attention. This led to us think; Jamie Foxx hair transplant.
James Nesbitt hair transplant;
Often times it can be seen that the stars break down supposed taboos in exactly this way. Openly dealing with such matters can desensitize taboos and open new doors. James Nesbitt hair transplant; He has not only renewed his hair once through a transplant. It is often reported for celebrities that new hair grafts can have a huge impact on their careers.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

In reality, plastic surgeons did their best: they made hair transplant for the stars – one of the most popular procedures in the world. Not only celebrities, for whom the image is of fundamental importance, resort to it. But also ordinary men. Because even the average father of three can benefit from a medical makeover. We decided to show you famous personalities who, thanks to hair transplantation, began to look younger and generally fresher. Lets look celebrity hair transplants!

Matthew McConaughey

So Matthew, when he got tired of watching his hair fall out since the late 1990s, immediately after receiving an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the Dallas Buyers Club in 2015, had a hair transplant. And now he looks much younger.

Elton John

This person needs no introduction. He has been super popular for the fifth decade, since the 1970s, when he declared to the world that he is one of the most talented musicians (singers, composers), producers and actors. It was only in those same years that John’s hair began to rapidly fall out.

But he did not wait until he began to flash his bald head in public. And he was one of the first celebrities to have hair transplants. And today, when he is 71, Elton John does not at all look his age. Including thanks to a successful operation, which gave him the opportunity to successfully experiment with the image for so many decades. He just loves to dye his hair in different colors.

John Travolta

This actor is the oldest in our review. He is 64 years old. He does not have an Oscar, but he has roles in cult films. “Pulp Fiction,” for example. Travolta is one of the many famous actors who have had hair transplants. He did not publish photos for almost three years after he underwent the transplant, although he never hid this fact.

Now the results of the hair transplant surgery look amazing, especially for his age.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Cost

A wide variety of techniques and equipment have emerged in the field of hair transplantation. It has led to the emergence of many hair transplant centers around the world. Celebrity hair transplant cost vary in direct proportion to their income. Some Hollywood stars are choosing Turkey for hair transplantation and pays eligible costs. But there are some clinics known as the doctor of the stars among them. Especially celebrities who prefer doctors from Beverly Hills. He pays up to £ 30,000.

It remains one of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries in some countries. However, experienced Turkish doctors prove their expertise as they perform more surgeries. So you don’t have to have expensive hair like celebrities. It may cost the same procedure cheap with more experienced doctors. You can relax for a lifetime.

What Does The Cost Of Hair Transplantation Depend?

Technique used in treatment: The cost of implantation with the FUT technique is lower than the implantation cost, for example, with the FUE technique.

Type of device used in hair transplantation: Hair transplantation operations are mainly dependent on advanced medical devices used by the surgeon to remove hair from donor areas and implanted in the area suffering from baldness, so the more modern and advanced the device used, the higher the cost of transplantation.

Type of anesthesia: Most hair transplant surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, and the cost of anesthesia materials and anesthesiologist’s fee are naturally added to the final invoice for the transplant, so the cost varies according to the quality and quality of the anesthesia materials used in the surgery.

The number of hair follicles transplanted: This is perhaps the most effective factor in the total cost of hair transplantation operations, the more roots, the higher the cost, the more hair follicles are determined by the attending physician.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Before And After

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. As individual as people, their hair is just as different. So-called “fast growers” differ from “slow growers” among professionals. If the success is clearly noticeable after only six months, the patient is called a “fast grower”. But with the “slow grower” success becomes obvious after about twelve months. In any case, patience and proper aftercare play a very important role. Just like Christoph Metzelder, you can also have a hair transplant. The expert team at Istanbul Crown Health Group will be happy to answer exactly what you need to pay attention to.

Christoph Metzelder And Hair Transplant

Mr. Metzelder also joins the footballers with hair transplantation. She had the last plastic surgery in the summer of 2015 and had hair transplantation for the first time in 2013. In an interview he says, “I had only one choice: bald like Pep Guardiola or I would. Two years ago, I tried to go bald. But that doesn’t suit me”.

During an 8-hour procedure, Christoph Metzelder’s hair was styled. Although it is painful, it still recommends hair transplantation as a remedy for hair loss. Meanwhile, she wore a hat for weeks immediately after surgery. This primarily prevents infections and protects against direct sunlight.

Kevin Costner And Hair Transplant

Hollywood star may be Kevin Costner (59). Between the end of 2006 and the middle of 2007, the hairline of the ” Dances with Wolves” actor progressed suspiciously. The thinning hair on his forehead suddenly looked much thicker and younger. Costner never wanted to comment on this.

Gordon Ramsay And Hair Transplant

Cooking superstar Gordon Ramsay (47) probably had no plans to officially inform the world about his intervention. However, he had to go to court in early 2012. One broadcaster had previously sold excerpts from the TV chief’s hacked emails. And the secret of her beautiful hair has been clarified thanks to hair transplantation.