Ben Affleck Hair Transplant; As statistics show, bald head sooner or later overtakes 25% of men. And these 25% (as well as their wives, girlfriends and friends) spend a lot of time and energy trying to solve this problem, or at least make it invisible. Healing masks from grated garlic and castor oil, tinctures on red pepper, hair stimulation with the help of a laser, the invention of unprecedented haircuts and even coloring of bald patches are used.
Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant; Only women don't like to have beautiful hair. More and more prominent creation men are now daring themselves and standing by the furry change that guarantees them a youthful and fresh look. Why not? Not everyone is given a full hair and sometimes Mother Nature can be given some help. More and more athletes are finding that too. Wayne Rooney's hair not only sparked the hair transplant trend but eventually made it socially acceptable.
Sean Penn Hair Transplant; Hair loss has become a huge problem. But it does not cause health problems, it just spoils our appearance. Celebrities are also very affected by hair loss due to alcohol and non-stop work. Sean Penn is one of the celebrities who experienced hair loss. Some time ago, it was noticed that his hair had decreased. But he has to look good all the time on the big screen. Therefore, he found it appropriate to have a hair transplant.
Mel Gibson Hair Transplant; A few years ago, there were rumors that Hollywood star Mel Gibson had a hair transplant. It was claimed that 15 thousand dollars were spent for the transfer. However, recent photos of the paparazzi have shown that the actor's head is himself, even if only remnants of his old head of hair.
Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant; A few years ago, Matthew McConaughey, who had rather curly hair, noticed that his hair was starting to fall out. According to, the actor, the problem was global, as a silver dollar-sized baldness had formed in a short time. Of course, Matthew started looking for a solution to this problem, because he often starred in McConaughey's melodramas and comedies and didn't look bald on screen.