Check celebrity hair transplant pictures, after years and know, how their hair changes. Some is not secret but some don’t say anything about hair transplant surgery.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry underwent a hair transplant, British media write. It is noted that he recently visited a trichological clinic in London, where he underwent surgery.

The prince had problems with hair two years ago – it was then that the paparazzi noticed his receding hairline. But recently, Harry’s hair has increased significantly, notes The Sun.

However, trichologists say that baldness has nothing to do with stress, but is a genetic phenomenon. To be convinced of this, just look at Harry’s older brother – Prince William. At 37, the duke clearly cannot boast of lush hair.

David Beckham

Rumors that David Beckham (43) had a hair transplant appeared in September, after fans noticed a big change in the footballer’s hairstyle. At first, his hair looked very thin, and after a month, photos appeared on the Web, in which they grew and became longer.

And recently, fans were finally convinced that David still underwent the procedure for a hair transplant. Pictures of the Beckhams’ new family exit appeared on the Web, in which the football player has a new hairstyle with clearly a lot of hair. Celebrity Hair Transplant Pictures The same can be seen in the athlete’s new Instagram photos. “Hair looks great”; “This hairstyle …”; “Great look … and hair!” – David’s followers write under his photos.

Elton John

The British musician with an unconventional orientation has solved the problem of baldness radically. According to Elton, he never liked his own appearance. John’s spouse is 15 years younger than him, the family has two children from surrogate mothers. In the photo from the musician’s archive, at the age of 30, bald patches are visible, and at 73, the hair magically became thick.