Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinic. Changing hairstyles sometimes dramatically changes a person. That is why some celebrities, when faced with baldness, resort to hair transplant. Lets look celebrity hair transplant clinic’s.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinic

Prince Harry

Prince Harry performed a hair transplant at the prestigious Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in London; reference to the British tabloid The Sun.

Prince Harry’s hair problems began in 2018, on his head bald patches began to appear. And in 2020, his hair was added again.

the British newspaper writed; Harry was happy for his appearance. He visited known and one of the best the clinic. Only the richest and most famous people visit it. But don’t worry in Turkey we are the best on hair transplant. Our clinic good as Prince Harry’s clinic.

Robby Williams

The British singer has openly admitted to doing hair transplant. He decided on this procedure when he was in Los Angeles. At the same time, he did not really need her – his hair only slightly lost its density with age. “That’s how I did – I lived in Los Angeles, where everyone is crazy about plastic surgery, and I also had an operation,” he recalls.

Wayne Rooney

The British footballer made the first transplant in 2011, but later repeated the procedure. In some cases, where androgenic alopecia continues, multiple transplants are required.

Wayne did not hide this fact. He believes that if baldness begins at the age of 25, it is not necessary to put up with it.

Louis Walsh

The judge of the show “X-Factor” in 2011 admitted that he did a hair transplant. Despite the fact that he decided on the procedure at the age of “over 50”, he did not put up with baldness. He noticed the problem when he saw himself on a high definition TV screen. Now Louis Walsh boasts a beautiful head of hair.