Celebrities Who Have Done Hair Transplant. Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery over the past few years. And even high-ranking figures and celebrities now openly admit that they have repeatedly resorted to the help of surgeons in pursuit of lush hair.

Here are some examples of Hollywood stars who have battled exemplary male baldness:

Jude Law, Brendan Fraser, Matthew McConaughey, Jeremy Piven, Billy Bob Thornton, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Nick Leitchie, Kevin Costner … Let’s look nearest celebrities who have done hair transplant;

Jude Law Says;

Actor Jude Law, despite his “lack of fear of aging,” in a statement he gave to The New York Times, said that he “decided to undergo surgery in order not to lose the status of a sex symbol.”

John Travolta, star of Saturday Night Fever, said he had a hair transplant to bring back Tony Manero’s mane along with the years.

Another celebrity who embarked on the path of combating alopecia is Kevin Costner, although he himself does not admit it.

It’s no secret that Brendan Fraser has added to this list – he previously wore a wig both on screen and in real life.

Other unrecognized celebrities include George Clooney, Nicolas Cage and Mel Gibson. Although they know about it, talk about it and, moreover, it is evident.

Rooney Says;

Let’s touch on famous footballers? Manchester United striker Rooney tweeted the following: “For my subscribers, I make a confirmation: yes, I did a hair transplant. So what? Why not? Already at 25 I became bald. ”

Modern technologies of scarless and injectable transplantation allow the hair to return to its former density. And the fact that many public figures have done hair transplant does not mean that it is available only to the rich and famous. Today transplantation is a procedure available to everyone. Now you have such a chance. The leading Crown Health Group Turkey clinics are happy to help you fulfill your dream of restoring the healthy appearance of your hair.