Causes Of Hair Loss At Teenagers, When we grow up, our body develops and becomes different. It occurs mainly during puberty and teenage years. However, this growth may cause some negative results, but completely temporary effects. Hair loss is one of them.

Hair loss is basically a condition, in which hair follicles weaken and fall out. It is annoying for any age, but for teenagers, it may be a crucial situation. There are some causes of triggering hair loss, and we listed all of them.


Nutrition is essential for everyone. However, it is even more important for teenagers. It is because, during this period, growth is rapid and crucial as it affects hormones, muscles etc. Most importantly; nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals are needed for a healthy body and hair.

Eating enough foods which contain biotin, vitamin B3 and C are essential for healthy hair. They help strengthen hair follicles and hair roots. If even one of them is less consumed, hair loss is inevitable.

Medical condition and stress

Sometimes we use medicines which may have a side effect. Hair loss can be one of them. Skin medicines for treating acne or psychological medications are examples of it.

Sometimes we can’t help feeling stressed, and it’s normal. However, extreme stress is harmful to everything, and especially to hair. It causes hair to stop growing and falling out. This condition is called “telogen effluvium”, but your hair grows back once you recover from the stress.


Though it may seem insignificant, your hair care routine is actually essential. If you often change your hair shampoo and conditioner, your hair strands get weak, causing hair loss.

Your scalp reacts differently to each shampoo. It causes both getting dandruff and hair loss, not to mention getting ringworm. When you find your ideal shampoo for your hair type, don’t ever change it.

We know that hair styling is so important. We change it according to our clothing and events we go to. However, daily use of hair straightener and curling irons damage your hair. The heat dries out hair strands, making them vulnerable and splitting. They may cause substantial damage to hair strands and the scalp, inevitably, causing hair loss.

We often change our hair colour when we are bored or not in the mood. However, hair dye may be harmful to teenagers because it contains chemicals. During puberty, your hair is vulnerable as it is still in a developmental stage. Dying it may weaken your hair and cause hair loss. If you still want to dye your hair, don’t do it frequently to minimize the damage.