Can You Use a Laser Hair Treatment on My Eyebrows? Eyebrows can give you the finest of the looks or can ruin it all. Plucking, threading and waxing are few of many ways by which one gives them the wanted shape. Even then, the shape is not desirable at times. But this depends on who you trust with the shape of your eyebrows.

Nowadays, laser treatment is prevailing to give a permanent shape to your eyebrows. This is also done to cut out the continuous tension of shape and pain of plucking.

The Process:

The laser treatment for the brows is a process to get rid of the unwanted hair around the eyes permanently. The laser removal treatment includes a focused laser light which the operator uses who knows how to use it. The wavelength of the laser light is set for the treatment. The laser at that wavelength focuses on a specific substance in hair called melanin. This wavelength does not target the skin. Hence, the skin is safe in the process. This wavelength is very concentrated and burns the root of the hair, which later prevents the regrowth of hair.

Concluding, there are two options for the eyebrows, either breaking it or shaping it using laser treatment. There are specific wavelengths, specialists to perform the treatment and clinical offering it. But before you make a decision, you must consider the following facts.

Shaping The Brows or Breaking It?

You might have thick brows which form a bridge in between. This fills in the area between your brows with hair and might make your brown shapeless. In this case, you may treat your brows with laser treatment just to give you a break. This will not include any shaping but only the removal of hair between the space of the brows.

Eyes; Sensitive Part to Use Laser Around

The eyebrows are very near to our eyes. As we know, as much as our eyes are important to us, likewise they are sensitive. Using a laser of any wavelength around them, with the capacity to burn out the hair root, involves a great risk. The dermatologists don’t recommend the laser treatment for shaping your eyebrows.

Constantly Changing Fashion of Brows Clouds The Idea With Doubt:

The fashion of the eyebrows constantly changes. Sometimes, the thick eyebrows rule the fashion, and some other times the thinnest brows are in fashion. Hence, giving your eyebrows a permanent shape might cause your fashion sense to be smoked. If you have joined eyebrows, then you should consider breaking them by the laser treatment. This is favourable and appropriate in all ways considered.

The Loss of Wanted Hair:

The laser light which functions in the treatment is the ‘scattered light’. This means that the light after it falls on the target will spread around the area. Examining this fact, the laser, after falling on the skin around the eyebrows, it will spread through it. This will remove the hair which must remain to give the desired shape. As a result, the use of laser light for shaping the eyebrows is not suitable at any level. However, the use of the treatment in between the eyebrow is preferably fine.