Can Pilates be Helpful in Hair Growth? Pilates is a workout system and philosophy development in the early 20th century by a man named Joseph Pilates after whom it received its name. Pilates focuses on achieving muscular relaxation while specifically targeting core muscles for strengthening.

Core strength, proper postural alignment and muscle balance are central to the pilates workout. While it might sound extenuating described that way, pilates unfolds in a very relaxed and controlled manner.

Pilates uses equipment in conjunction with the exercises performed for enhancing the workout. Pilates is often compared to yoga, not without good reasons, but yoga verges more on flexibility while pilates strengthens.

Though pilates contains many of the secondary benefits of yoga. For instance, enhanced focus, relaxation, and improves blood flow. It is those benefits that compel hair loss patients to ask if pilates can be helpful in hair growth. Let’s see if that’s the case.

How Can Pilates be Helpful in Hair Growth

Let’s get this right off the bat; pilates exercise does not stimulate the hair growth on your scalp directly. There is not one exercise of pilates that could possibly target the hair follicles somehow and promote hair growth. Suggesting that the pilates exercise will directly lead to accelerating your hair growth is absurd.

That said, the secondary benefits of pilates, those that result off the strengthening movements, can actually help. It is through the effects that accompany the exercising itself that your hair growth can reap some benefits. Said benefits are:

Reduced Stress Levels

People that don’t like exercising or are otherwise unaccustomed to the hard work involved will deny it, but it remains true. Exercising properly, it’s a tremendously relaxing activity that you can almost single handedly take care of all of your stress for you.

Most inexperienced people focus on how hard it is to put their bodies perform the task at hand. Rather, you should accustom your body to flow with the exercise and performing without much conscious thought. That’s the way you relax during exercise.

The resulting reduction in stress levels reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, from your body. Excessive cortisol disrupts the hormonal balance and follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). Thus, resulting in a decrease in hair production.

Improve Posture

It is not often acknowledged, but postures are a very important part of your overall health. Proper posture reduces much stress that can possibly accumulate inside your body, in the joints and bones. This stress can be so ingrained that it is simply normal to carry it with you.

It doesn’t have to be. A proper posture distressed the body physically as well as yourself mentally. Fix your posture more often and experience further relaxation.

Increases Blood Circulation

Our stationary lifestyle doesn’t require a rushing blood flow these days, but your hair sure does like it still. The hair gets its nutrients from the blood that reaches up to the hair follicle. If you happen to have a rather slow blood flow from not engaging in exercise enough, your hair will tell.

Besides nutrients, the red blood cells also carry oxygen with it which your hair follicle also appreciates very much.

Good oxygen levels up the production of the hormone estradiol, which nourishes the growing hair follicles. If people that exercise regularly ever seem brighter-looking to you, this is the reason why. Get that blood pumping.

In Conclusion

Exercising is a must to maintain a healthy body, our often stagnant, movements-starved routine prevents us from getting. Thus, you have to go out and actually seek it and, as a result, your body and hair will thank you for it by looking at their best.