Can hair transplant be done without shaving head;  Yes, shaving is a must in the preoperative period of any hair transplantation, so the patient should go to the clinic the day before when the area to be operated is marked.

Even in cases where there is a lot of white hair, you can choose to dye the hair before shaving from the donor area.

Finally, scraping can be done partially or completely according to medical evaluation and the needs of each case!

How Long Does It Take For Hair Transplant Results To Appear?

In most cases, the appearance of the initial results occurs as early as the first month, however, within three months of the postoperative period it is normal for the implanted wires to fall out.

This happens so that the threads grow healthy and the true result starts to become more evident in the patient’s head, with that, around eight months after surgery, the threads are established and with a natural aspect in the area that was previously affected by baldness.

Finally, most patients are considered to be from one year to one and a half years after the hair transplant is performed to achieve the final result.

Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Shaving Head ?

It is also worth mentioning that these periods of time may vary according to the particularities and progress of each case.

Is It Possible To Reduce Forehead Height With Hair Transplantation?

YES! For women or men with a high forehead, slightly larger than the rest of the face, it is possible to have a hair transplant, especially for patients with an M-shaped forehead.

With the technique, it is possible to encourage forehead reduction in women/men who do not have baldness but genetically do not have a lot of hair in this area, who want to soften their face and leave their most sensitive features with this method.