Can Hair Loss Impact Your Career? Hair loss is a very common condition nowadays. Mainly, the main cause is genetics. Millions of people, men, and women suffer from it. Male pattern baldness known as androgenic alopecia affects up to 80 per cent of all the men by the age of 50. However, women are affected but not to such a large extent.

If hair loss starts at a relatively young age, it can affect your emotions as well as social life. Many people become self-conscious about the situation. In addition, it shatters their confidence. It makes them less likely for the many opportunities as compared to people with full hair.

Concerns About Hair Loss

A psychological study has found the impact of hair loss among 1535 Europeans. Their main concern was:

  • Personal attractiveness
  • Looking older
  • Negative impact on social life
  • Fear of baldness.

This means that people with hair loss may face some physiological problems, too.

How Can Hair Loss Impact Your Career?

Hair loss affects your career in several ways that affect your job opportunities directly.


Most men start experiencing male pattern baldness when they are in their twenties or thirties. It causes thinning of hair from the top of the head. Women face the same condition as well. People in such condition start overthinking and become self-conscious, which makes them less confident apparently. They feel like they don’t look good anymore and are less likeable. But nervousness becomes their common trait. It can lead to lower positions in the company. Moreover, he misses out on leadership opportunities.

Negative Impression:

Consider you have updated your resume, pick the perfect interview outfit and have the best relevant. But still, in this case, hair loss might affect your opportunity. The common issue is a negative impact. It affects the first impression. Moreover, an interviewer can judge you as an aged person. It’s unfair, but unfortunately, all this is tied to social stigmas of beauty.

Ageism and the Workplace:

Ageism is prominent in fields like advertising, modelling, acting, etc. models want to remain young and vibrant. Sometimes, the corporate world also demands the same thing. Hair loss can directly have an impact on your salary and promotions. Women, as well as men with good looks and hair, are more successful. Big companies are looking for young recruits. It is not to say that ageism due to hair loss will prevent you from a job. However, ageism is subjective, and every opportunity depends upon your luck, confidence, and smartness of skills also.

Business Bias:

Business companies expect stylishness. Several studies have shown that good looking people are highly paid. Interviewers take into account style, looks and hair as well. Companies try to create a culture of cool to look young and hip. Therefore, a person with hair loss does not fit in this and become less likely for good jobs.

Perception of Strength:

In the workplace, people with more strength of character are more likeable for promotions. Unfairly, men and women having hair loss are considered weak candidates. Such people face the same problems as old workers do.

In today’s world, change in your appearance can change your life too. Hair loss can affect a person’s entire life. However, there are many treatments for hair loss nowadays. Therefore, things can become better, and people can reverse the course.