Best Hair Transplant, you have concerns about what will happen to your hair in the donor area, so you need to understand the process itself.

There is an average of about 50,000 follicles in the European race of the head. The donor area has an average of about

10,000 follicular units, of which about 5,000 grafts can be obtained, with a less donor area.

If we have about 15,000, then best hair transplant clinic can take about 7,500 grafts.

If you have never had hair grafting, do not think that as much as you want grafts can be taken from the donor area, it is individual and depends on the type of hair, strength, growth cycle.

  • The hair follicles taken to be implanted in areas without hair do not re-grow.
  • The follicles were removed specifically to restore areas with missing hair.
  • When you have good density in the donor area, there should be no thinning in that area.

What happens if we do not have enough hair in the donor area of ​​the scalp or if it is depleted.

There are best hair transplant clinics and doctors who recommend the removal of hair from other parts of the body, such as beard, legs, breasts. However, there is a genetic difference between the hairs in the back of the head and the hairs in other parts of the body.

Hair in the back of the head has been shown to be resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss. When hair is removed from the safe donor area of ​​the scalp, there is no chance of hair falling back, it remains stable. But there are no studies to prove the length of life of hair taken from other parts of the body other than the head. This shows that it is not known for how long this grafted hair, taken from other parts of the body, can be retained and after a few years this hair may fall off and remain hairless in these areas.

This is a risk you take when you agree to grafting hair with donor hair other than the head, and from the rest of the body and beard, some doctors neglect to explain this. Consult a best hair transplant specialist who will advise you what is best for you and make a realistic assessment of how much hair is available for grafting.