This is an important issue as this procedure can be a significant emotional and financial investment. Best hair replacement depends on various factors that affect the success rate, but with good doctors and clinics certified by the International Hair Transplantation Organization and the European Hair Grafting Organization, they show over 90-95% success rates.

Baldness is accepted as part of the aging process for some people and a source of stress for others. Hair loss affects millions of men and women, but despite decades of research, there is still no cure.

A study, led by the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, found 287 genetic regions involved in male baldness. Many of the genes identified by the researchers are related to the structure and development of hair.

It was interesting to note that many of the genetic signals for baldness in men are from the mother’s X chromosome.

Grafts Are the Most Important

The success of hair grafting is often evaluated by the appearance of hair, with the end effect usually taking one year.

The success of the best hair replacement should be evaluated by the patient, since the main goal of the doctor is to try to meet the expectations of the patient, taking into account, of course, factors such as age, hair type, the body of each person is an individual, lifestyle.

In the consultation process, patients are asked how successful this procedure is, and the answer is that it depends on the patient’s goals and the quality of the donor hair, the characteristics of the hair, the size of the area affected, the general condition of the organism, the way the more you take care of your hair, from smoking, drinking alcohol, medication and more.

The Key to A Successful Hair Transplant Procedure Is Twofold

Best hair replacement depends on the number of hair follicles available for grafting and the viability of these hair follicles. Skill and experience of the doctor and team and how the grafting is done, where it is performed. Avoid places where only teams of technician’s work, do not have the necessary skills, education, do not meet any requirements.