Best Hair Regrowth, with the advancement of medicine, hair grafting is nowadays a quick and easy aesthetic procedure that allows men and women to regain their confidence and confidence. Hair loss or baldness could be due to old age, hormonal imbalances, previous poor transplant procedures, etc.

A few facts about hair transplants:

Best hair regrowth is suitable for both men and women.

Hair transplantation is a painless and safe procedure, as long as it is carried out by qualified specialists in a location suitable for this purpose, such as specially adapted surgery or surgery.

Most often, hair grafts are taken from the lower part of the nape, also called the donor area.

Best hair regrowth is a lifelong experience, with grafts having a lifetime of the rest of your hair. Once the treatment and recovery process is complete, the grafted hair is no different from the rest.

The most popular method is called FUE – Folicular Unit Extraction, which uses a special tool to remove grafts (Graft / graft) from the donor area. Each graft may contain 1 to 4 hairs, which are then implanted.

The best hair regrowth requires a stay of 2-3 days, usually the first day for testing

On the second day, a hair line is formed that is individual to each patient and grafting begins. The transplantation is also performed on the same day. The next day is the first hair wash at the clinic, with the patient being given instructions and necessary medications, shampoos and more.

We work with several of the best clinics in Istanbul, each with years of experience and excellent results. The prices of the procedures range from 1500-2200 Euros, including the medicines after the procedure – shampoo, etc., as well as the stay at the hotel during the treatment. It is important to note that the cost is not based on the number but on the maximum number of grafts available for each particular patient. With prior consultation you will get an opinion from a doctor, what would be the effect in this case and how many grafts (grafts) would be needed to make the procedure effective.