Baldness Treatment is important that the patient has realistic expectations about the outcome of the treatment. In many cases stakeholders are ignorant of the fact that the stage of alopecia they are in does not allow the desired change to be achieved. For this reason, each person concerned must make the necessary checks first. Taking a personalized treatment plan, depending on his case, can know from the beginning the estimated outcome.

Health Status

Also important is the patient’s state of health. If the patient receives any form of medication, it is necessary to inform the physician accordingly. Taking certain medicines can cause complications in treatment, so treatment modification may be necessary.

Baldness treatment hair transplantation is considered a cosmetic procedure without any restrictions. However, it is important for the patient to perform the recommended preoperative check-up at a specialized clinic. Doctors will assess your suitability for the operation after the necessary examinations have been performed.

If you also have hair loss, consult your specialist Este Crown clinic and find out if you are the right baldness treatment candidate.

What Are the Post-Operative Summer Hair Transplant Guidelines?

It is especially important for the person concerned to be fully informed about the post-operative instructions to follow. Choosing a Baldness treatment hair transplant clinic that provides clear and detailed instructions based on your individual needs is essential.

In any case, however, special attention should be paid to sun exposure. At the same time, hat use is necessary, especially during the first 5-6 days. During this time, it is advisable to avoid contact with seawater for safety reasons.

At the end of these days, there is absolutely no risk to the patient.

Winter or summer you should stop your hair loss, or you need transplant. Baldness is not your fate! Your destiny will change with the hair transplant!