Average cost of hair transplant changes, the best pay money later the surgery. If you not sure about results you must want to see result and then paying money. Average cost of hair transplant is the much 15.000 dollars. Now we will look what happens after surgery.

After Transplant Surgery

After surgery, the scalp can be very sensitive. Painkillers may need to be taken for several days. A bandage covering the scalp is required for at least one or two days. An antibiotic or anti-inflammatory prophylaxis may also be prescribed for the first few days after the procedure. Most people can return to their daily routine after 2 to 5 days.

Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, transplanted hair may fall, but new growth should begin to occur within a few months. Most patients see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months. Some doctors prescribe additional medicines to improve hair growth after transplantation, but it is unclear if this is relevant to the effect achieved.

As with any type of surgery, hair transplants have some risks, including bleeding and infections. There is also the possibility of scarring and unnatural-looking growth of new hair.

During the growth of new hairs, some people have inflammation or infection of the hair follicles. Antibiotics and compresses can alleviate the problem. It is also possible to lose some of the original hair in the area where new strands are sown. This loss is called shock, but usually lasts for a short time, after which the hair recurs.

Hair is our natural accessory and a symbol of beauty. Therefore, original or acquired, we must take care of it. The least we can give her is to carefully select the types of shampoo, not be too aggressive in rubbing her bath, rinse well after a bath, and not over-wash.

There is a clue; The best clinic average cost of hair transplant is not be much than 15.000 dollars!