Are Hair Transplants an Option for People with Curly Hair, Hair transplants are for everyone, no matter their ethnicity or type of hair. They just need viable donor hair for it. Hence, people with curly hair have hair transplants as an option as well. There are only a couple of considerations taken for people with curly hair when undergoing hair transplants.

What Is Curly Hair

The shape of the hair is not always straight. The hair can also grow spiralling over itself, ending up curly. That the hair shaft itself grew this way due to genetics was what was previously thought.

The latest theory agrees that, instead, it is the hair follicle which dictates the ultimately the shape and angle in which the hair will grow. Therefore, the hair follicle is responsible for the sharp angle and wavy form of the hair that grows to circle itself.

Curly hair itself is often much drier than straight hair is. This due to the sebum, the oil secreted by the hair follicle, having a harder time reaching down its shaft since it is curvier than straight hair.

It is due to its lack of sebum oil that the curly hair often becomes frizzy hair. Moreover, curly hair can often turn frizzier when there’s much humidity in the air. This is due to the hair shaft absorbing much of the water in the atmosphere, which makes it further take a more curly form.

Hair Transplants for People with Curly Hair

A follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant procedure proceeds the same with people with curly hair.

Our surgeon will make an incision near the hair follicle to extract it with a scalpel of 1mm or less. They will then rotate it around the hair follicle to excise it from the remaining surrounding tissue. Once freed, a pair of forceps will extract it. The extracted hair follicle goes to a tray for later use.

Once obtained each and all of the hair follicles required, the surgery then moves unto the grafting part. By making a series of micro incisions in the balding spot, the surgeon then begins grafting each hair follicle manually one by one. The result being the extracted hair follicles effectively put into place on their new site.

The Difference in Hair Transplants for People with Curly Hair

The only considerations taken when performing a hair transplant for people with curly hair has got to do with the extraction. It simply takes a bit more skill to correctly extract a hair follicle that grows curly hair since their angle is a bit different. The skills that our surgeons have in spades, of course.

Aside from that, hair transplant for people with curly hair also has a bit of an advantage. Due to the nature of curly hair, one single hair follicle grafted can cover more balding than a straight one due to its coiling around it.

This works in favour of both patient and surgeon. The patients will not need as many hair follicles extracted from the donor site as a straight hair patient would. Meanwhile, the surgeon can complete the surgery faster than otherwise due to fewer follicles to extract. Everybody wins.

If you have curly hair and blading, contact us to help you restore your curly locks.