Are Hair Transplant Permanent ? The results of the operation appear immediately after completion, where the hair transplanted resembles a shaved head with a mousse and then grows naturally for the next three months, but these results are temporary and the hair is then short, according to what is scientifically known as the hair growth cycle. It is called as hairy hair shed in time.

Are hair transplant permanent? Permanent hair starts to grow from the sixth month and the results take three to 6 months to complete, and we can evaluate all the pros or cons of the operation, that is, it takes from 9 months to a full year to complete the final result of the hair transplantation.

After Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is only the first stage of the process, after which the postoperative recovery phase begins, which is a long process for a long time. Some people give quick results because they believe that hair transplant will not be successful before the operation is completed and without a chance to grow hair.

You can expect visible results of a hair transplant in 12 months or more, and the desire to see great results as soon as possible is completely normal, but it will help you avoid getting information about the expected results of the hair transplant in the following months by consulting your doctor or medical consultant before this procedure.

Crown Health Group Explain

It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill. In some cases, hair transplant is performed by an inexperienced surgeon, and as a result, failure to perform the transplantation process correctly causes the entire process to fail.

The treating physician provides the patient with post-transplant instructions and comprehensive information on postoperative treatment that must be strictly followed in the following days and weeks. Incorrect scratching of the transplanted area or improper washing of the hair may adversely affect the final result. In some cases, serious infections can occur due to poor hygiene.