Are Hair Transplant Halal ? Hair transplantation is not haram. Expert opinions on whether it is halal or not are not in conflict. According to Muslims, water must penetrate the surface of the skin. Hair transplantation is like any surgery. The scalp and hair are in their natural state. Just sow on an empty field is like bread. These crops are also taken from one’s own body. are hair transplant halal; Yes.

What are the basic precautions to be taken after transplantation?

Within 3 days following the hair transplant:

  • Hair cannot be washed; it should only be moistened with saline.
  • The transplanted area should be covered, and the use of scarves and hats (although not prohibited) should be avoided.
  • Sun exposure should be avoided.
  • However, care can be tailored to each patient’s condition.

Is any consultation planned after the transplant?

Yes, 4 evaluation consultations are envisaged and already included in the transfer price.

Will the transplanted hair fall out again?

After 1 month, most of the transplanted hair is shed and then a new hair cycle begins where new hair follicles will be born.

Are there any differences between hair and follicle?

Yes, human hair grows out of the scalp in groups called follicular units or simply follicles. Thus, each follicular unit may contain a single strand of hair or two, three or more strands. This distinction is important because the number of hair transplants in a FUE hair transplant corresponds to approximately twice the number of follicles used.

What is the price of planting?

The price of FUE transplantation varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper compared to other countries. Prices range from $ 1500 to $ 5,000.

This limit starts at $ 4,000 in other countries and deals up to $ 30,000.