Amazing Facts About Hair, You like your hair, how it looks on you, the way people notice it, and how much you can style it to represent you. Also, you would hate to lose it. But what else do you know about that makes you so cherish? Because there is so much more to know, so many amazing facts about the hair you don’t even suspect of.

Some might be shocking, others might be endearing, and some are just straight-up weird. Learn everything you were never told about your old mane. Take a look at these amazing facts about hair.

All Hair Is Dead

Like, for real, it was not even alive when you first saw it, and it’s not alive today. The hair is no longer alive when we get to see it, in order for it to come out of the scalp, it must detach from the hair follicle.

And even when attached to it, the hair is only a structure made up by the hair follicle which does not have nerve endings. The pain you feel when you pluck it comes from the scalp, the hair is not alive and therefore feels nothing.

10% Of Your Hair Is Resting

There are several phases to the hair growth cycle; one of them is the telogen phase, also known as the ‘resting phase’. When the hair enters this phase, it is no longer growing, it simply is waiting for fall and replacing it with hair that is in the ‘growing phase’. Normally, 90% of the hair is growing while 10% is resting.

Growing of The Hair Can Cease Abruptly

Certain physical, hormonal, and even emotional situations can stop the hair from growing. It does so by making it enter the ‘resting phase’ prematurely.

Instead of 10% hair resting, your whole head of hair might cease growing and fall until the reason for it resolves. This condition goes by the name ‘Telogen Effluvium’, and the hair loss from it is reversible.

Hair Knows A Lot

Despite not being alive, hair knows so much about you. So much so, that forensic sciences analyse hair all the time to determine much about a person. Hair can tell whether you were drunk or on drugs and what you had for breakfast each morning.

Wet Hair Is Longer

When your hair soaks, its dimension expands up to 30% more of what they normally are. See how awesome it suddenly looks after the shower and just moments later retreats to normalcy? It is because it’s dry now. Never have your looks depend on wet hair, it deceives.

It Likes Blood

As we all know, blood carries the nutrients our body parts need. In this sense, vitamins A, B, C and E alongside minerals Iron and Zinc are key for the hair’s growth. And they make their way to them through the bloodstream.

Your blood flow reaches the hair follicles in the scalp and nourishes them; this allows the formation of the hair in the first place. So that’s why Count Dracula always had such a shiny head of hair.

It Enjoys Warmness

The warmer the climate, the more hair grows. Mild heat from the environment boosts circulation to the scalp quite a bit which further nourishes the hair.

But too much does no good. The hottest climates will only eliminate any moisture on it, leaving it dried, brittle, and prone to breaking.

In Conclusion

These amazing facts about hair are only a glimpse of the complexity the mane you always took for granted features. Even to this day, the discovery of many new properties of hair and the way it grows continues. One can only imagine what a list of amazing facts about hair would look like in the future.