Actors Who Transplant Hair. Actors, top athletes and even politicians no longer accept receding hairlines and dwindling head hair and simply help with a hair transplant. Existing hairs are individually punched out with a hollow needle and replanted into the skin to form a new hairline. The hair should grow back for a lifetime.

And so actors like Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Hanks all suddenly appeared with significantly fewer receding hairlines. But nobody wanted to comment on this. ‘Backstreet Boys’ singer AJ McLean is the only one who stands by his transplant and even posted before and after photos on his Instagram account. See, actors who transplant hair;

Tom Hanks’s Hair

Superstar Tom Hanks never officially commented on a hair transplant, but in 2006 the actor suddenly surprised us with a full mane.

Mel Gibson’s Hair

Has Hollywood darling Mel Gibson also had his hair transplanted? One thing is certain: Today Mel Gibson’s hair is significantly fuller.

John Travolta’s Hair

John Travolta’s hair also grew thinner over time.

Nobody really knows whether he actually underwent a hair transplant. But it is obvious that the actor has significantly fuller hair today.

Kevin Costner’s Hair

Kevin Costner’s hair is not only gray today, it is also fuller and longer than it used to be – especially in the front of the head.

Kevin Spacey’s Hair

Kevin Spacey has never been known for his full head of hair.

Even today he still doesn’t have a mane, but Kevin Spacey now has significantly more hair in the parting area than before.

Nicholas Cage’s Hair

Nicholas Cage’s hair used to be significantly less than it is today. How did he do it ?!

Matthew Mcconaughey’s Hair

Matthew McConaughey has never officially commented on a hair transplant. But today his hairline on his forehead looks much fuller and straighter.