Actors Had Hair Transplant. Hair transplant procedures are no longer the prerogative of the rich and famous. Thanks to clinics like ours, this complex procedure is now available to a much wider audience of “regular” guys, including you. Lets learn actors had hair transplant;

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton had a hair transplant in the 1990s, long before Wayne Rooney began to go bald. But for some reason, when we talk about hair transplant, Elton John doesn’t often come to mind. Maybe because it was a long time ago, and we do not remember him without his wonderful hair.

However, if you go back in time, it turns out that he was the subject of ridicule at the time. Probably because the procedure was not so widely known back then. But he should be given credit for taking advantage of the newest procedure at the time – FUT hair transplant or patchwork method. He is said to have undergone a hair transplant after undergoing alcohol and drug addiction treatment. With a free mind and weight loss, why not go further and get new, thicker hair?

Jamie Foxx

It doesn’t matter if Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx did the hair transplant, speculation alone proves that the procedure is not only suitable for European and Latino hair types. Afro-Caribbean hair is also ideal for surgery. The evidence pointing to Jamie Foxx having a hair transplant is not only based on the change in his hairline in 2007 when he just turned 40.

Around the same time, he got a new tribal tattoo on the back of his head. In 2007, hair transplant surgeries were performed using the FUT method. The FUT method is also known as the patchwork method as it involves removing strips of skin from the back of the scalp to extract healthy hair follicles. Often, long, narrow scars remain on the head, extending from ear to ear. At the very spot where Jamie got his new tattoo … (Unlike this method, the newest FUE method that we use involves removing the hair follicles individually without the need to remove skin strips, which leaves much less or no scars).