6 Styling Tips for Disguising Women’s Hair Loss, Men always expect some of their hair to fall. Women, on the other hand, know that is going to happen with age but are still caught surprised when it actually does.

Not for nothing, since long hair is such an iconic symbol of femininity that losing it becomes a source of anxiety.

Female pattern baldness develops differently from men’s, but just like men’s, there are a couple of tricks to carry it effectively. Here are the best 6 styling tips for disguising women’s hair loss that we are sure can help you.

Cut It Short

The first instinct of some women to disguise women’s hair loss is to let their hair grow indiscriminately for a long period of time. That likely does the opposite of the intended, however.

Long hair will only make it more obvious at the root level since the longer it is, the more it weighs and pulls down from it. Wear it short instead to better mask those thinning roots.

Don’t Heat It Up

Hair straighteners and blow-dryers are a staple of hairstyling, but you should know that doing that carries some risks. Both processes heat up the hair which evaporates the moisture it thrives on.

The results are dry hair which is much more prone to breaking, meaning even less hair in addition to the ones you are already losing. Don’t punish your remaining hair any longer. Let your hair dry on its own and only use hair straightening if completely necessary and at low heat setting.

Wear It Loose

Tight braids or ponytails subject the hair to the tension that, if prolonged, causes it to fall. Let your hair loose instead. If it is absolutely necessary to wear a ponytail, make sure you barely feel the tension from it on your head.

Wavy layered bobs are your friends as are bangs, and they can take years off your face when used correctly. Let just the right amount of hair rest over your forehead, consult your hairstylist about which of those hairstyles suit you.

Know Where to Part Your Hair

Most women naturally let their hair part at the centre of the crown, but that is when they have thick hair. When your hair thins, you can benefit enormously from a hairstyle that swept it to one side.

Go for Some Colour

Dyeing can help you dissimulate it. You have two choices here; you can choose a hair dye that closely matches the tone of your scalp if you got darker hair and darker skin. Likewise, if you happen to have fair hair combined with fair skin.

The whole tone will blend with your scalp at the roots, masking much of your thinning hair. Alternatively, you can choose a deep dyeing treatment to apply at the root of your scalp as well as the rest of the hair.

The colour will disguise women’s hair loss by giving an illusion of volume by the way it blends. Remember to go for a retouch every time the roots start showing.

When in Doubt, Ask the Pros

Hairstylists are wizards in all things hair-related, they know just what you need before you even ask them. Hence, it is them you should be asking anything you are thinking of doing but are not quite sure of it yet.

Hit them up! Lay your concerns an expectation, and they’ll provide you with some comprehensive solutions for you to choose from. You are in better hands this way.

In Conclusion

Women’s hair loss is not something you have to take laying down; rather, you should absolutely take the reins. Apply strategic changes here and there to show the world that at any age, you are still beautiful.